Power Shower Post Workout Cleansing Spray

Power Shower Post Workout Cleansing Spray


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Spray generously all over your body post-workout, then wipe off with a towel. And voilà, now you’re fresh (and so clean) sans shower.

  • Hard-working antimicrobials kick dirt, sweat, and oil to the curb.
  • Hydrating coconut oil keep skin feeling soft, supple, and most importantly, moisturized.
  • Our fresh, energizing scent (think: sparkling bergamot, lush greens, and oak moss) is the epitome of clean.
  • SweatWELLth kept all the good stuff and eliminated the rest. This product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and Gmos.
  • Vegan. And of course, no testing on animals ever—just on active people, like you!

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