No Knob™ Touch-Free Shopping Kit
No Knob™ Touch-Free Shopping Kit
No Knob™ Touch-Free Shopping Kit

No Knob™ Touch-Free Shopping Kit

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Two No Knobs™ on separate retractors make it easy to grip onto shopping carts while the aluminum 1.75” stylus makes tapping key pads and signing checkout screens safe and easy. 

No Knob TM is a convenient, reusable anti-microbial self-closing touch guard that fully protects hands from harmful germs on all public surfaces like doorknobs, gas pumps, shopping carts/baskets, elevator buttons, railings, straps, restroom latches, handles, etc…

Antimicrobial. No Knob TM is infused with silver ion technology that continuously works to keep No Knob clean - stopping the growth of bacteria, some virus strains, fungus and mold. Silver has been used in medicine (wound care/medical instruments) for centuries. Effective against 99.99% of germs. No Knob TM silver Ion technology reacts up to 8 times faster than other silver antimicrobials. Stops growth of harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Multi-purpose. Pliable, flexible silicone turns knobs, grips handles, squeezes gas pumps, pushes shopping carts, holds baskets, presses buttons, and more. Perfect for protecting your hands when shopping, traveling, going to medical visits/work/school, using public transport and pumping gas. Gripping surface has embossed ridges in design. Durable silicone lasts a lifetime.

Sustainable/Waste-free/Washable. Easily unhooks from retractor to clean with hot soapy water, dishwasher safe, or disinfect with antibacterial sprays/wipes. Reusable – no waste like disposable gloves, wipes and paper products. Good for the planet.

Hand friendly. Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, latex-free, odorless - gentle on skin. Full coverage – fits most fingers and thumb. Clips onto anything – belt, purse, backpack, etc. Quick and intuitive to slip hand in and out of. Each retractor extends 26 inches and snaps back into place. Discreet and attractive design. Makes responsible routine easy.


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