T-Riffic T-Rex Time


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For junior paleontologists who dig creative and imaginative play. T-Rex backpack is made for the rough-and-tumble – it’s crafted of linen-cotton material that’s machine-washable. We’ve packed it with a tin of magnetic games, a T-Rex 3D puzzle, T-Rex construction toy, doodle pad duo, colored pencils, paint sticks, 400 dinosaur stickers and 3 realistically rendered dinosaurs. And last, but not least, a huggable buddy who comes with tokens to give as random acts of kindness.

Blue Dino Grade School Backpack

Chunkies Paint Sticks


Dino Days Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks

Eyelike Stickers

Larry the Tyrannosaurus Rex Puzzle

Magnetic Fun & Games Tin

Plus-Plus Mini Maker Tube


Colored Pencils - Pack of 6

Tyrannosaurus Rex

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