Sleep Tight, Wake up Bright


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Get your beauty sleep and relish in the full effect. “Call It a Night” with the sleep support herbal supplement, wash with dream soap and discover the inspirational message inside. Light the relaxing scented candle. Keep your feet cozy with “Cat nap” no-show socks. Then open the vegan-friendly satin sleep set and spray the pillowcase with essential-oil-laden “Sweet Dream” spray. Don the mask, scrunchie and ear plugs. Place the velvety Dream journal by your bedside and drift off to dreamland. Store your sleep aids in this artisan-made palm basket or use it as a catch-all for all your essentials.

NOTE: Dream patches are no longer available; pricing has been adjusted to reflect this change.

Call It A Night Sleep Support

"Cat Naps" No Show Sock

Earplugs in Case

Oval Basket

Oval Basket

Sweet Dream Spray

Velvet Dream Journal

Candle Tin

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