+PROTECT FIRST Deluxe Care Kit Plus No Knob


Stay healthy, safe and always remember to “Protect First." This exclusive Cadeaux +PROTECT FIRST care kit contains the essential items needed to safely navigate all personal and business encounters.

The +PROTECT FIRST Deluxe care kit includes the following items: Neoprene Accessory Pouch: Easily transport the protective contents. Pouch can be imprinted with your company logo if desired. Includes carabiner to easily transport. 8” W x 5” H x 1” D

My Mask Mate: Made of a dual layer poly wicking fabric to fit face comfortably. Poly wicking fabric prevents glass fog and reduces humidity. Supports chin for better fit and comfort. Adjustable ear bands for comfort and a custom fit. Disposable filter pocket in center. Replaceable carbon filter insert for additional protection including pollens and dust. Washable for reuse.

2oz. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer: Contains 75% alcohol Sanitizer Wipes: 75% alcohol wipes which eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

.5oz. Screen Cleaner & Spray: Cleans your screens on the go Microfiber cloth on back of spray bottle. Removes smudges and spots from computers and screens. 3 3/8” W x 1 1/8” H

Reusable Forehead Thermometer: A less invasive way of taking an accurate temperature reading. The liquid crystal display stops at the core temperature.

No Knob: For worry-free contact with everyday surfaces.

*Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizer Wipes will vary

+PROTECT FIRST Hand Sanitizer, 2 oz.

My Mask Mate Face Mask

+PROTECT FIRST Neoprene Pouch

No Knob

Reusable Forehead Thermometer

Sanitizer Wipes

.05oz Screen Cleaner & Wipe

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