Pawsitively Purrfect


Me-wow! Kitty would give three -no, five – lives for this clever collection. Includes 100% chemical-free pet shampoo; handmade sea-salt-scented, pet bed refresher spray; a jar of premium, farm-fresh, organic catnip and cat-safe, organic catnip-flavored bubbles cats love to catch; a high-quality laser pointer when Kitty’s in the mood to play; and a “You Will Catch the Mouse” catnip-filled fortune-cookie toy. Cat fanciers will also fancy the multi-purr-pose felt storage bin.

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Felt Storage Bin

Interactive Cat Laser Toy

Kitty Fortune Cookie

Milton's Catnip Bubbles

Milton's Premium Catnip

Norfolk Natural Living Pet Bed Refresher

Rescue Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo

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