Pajama Pals – Bright Stripes


Searching for a sweet gift for a baby shower, birthday, or just because? Look no further. Bright striped long-sleeved pj top and bottom and the cuddly cat companion are lovingly crafted of natural organic cotton (doll with poly fill). Versatile fair-trade rattan basket also contains a magical French-made storybook flashlight torch that projects 24 images, an extra-soft toothbrush with better grip for growing hands, and Hiroyuki Arai’s delightful bedtime book.

Everyone Says Goodnight by Hiroyuki Arai

Kids Pajama and Matching Doll Set - Train Stripe

Picnic Basket

Storybook Flashlight Torch “Les Petites Merveilles”

Totz Plus Silky Soft Toothbrush

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