Mission: Cool Kid


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Your mission, should you choose to accept it: keep a cool kid happy! Send secured messages to covert operators with ninja black pencils and erasers. Or use the locking Lego notebook, set of gel pens, blue gel pen with mini figure and Waff silicone interactive journal. Build a superhero and perform amazing science tricks. And for stealthy spy ops, the Lego LED ninja key light is indispensable. All items arranged in a felt storage bin.

The Crazy Scientist - The Magic of Science

Extra Large WAFF Pencil Case

Felt Storage Bin

LEGO 12-Pack Gel Pens

LEGO Blue Gel Pen with Mini Figure

LEGO Locking Notebook with Blue Gel Pen

LEGO Ninjago Legacy Lloyd LED Key Light

Plus-Plus Mini Maker Tube

Ninja Erasers

Ninja Pencils

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