Gen Z Guys Regimen


Boys will be boys, and with hormones and emotions all over the place, breakouts and greasy/dry/oily skin and hair happen. That’s why we turned to Spots & Stripes. Their gentle cleansing lotion, shampoo & body wash, all-natural deodorant, lip smoother and re-styleable pomade contain sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality, formulated for the unique needs of young skin. We’ve also included a Zodiac bath fizzer that reveals a special surprise as it dissolves. Packed in a portable vinyl case.

Clean Team Shampoo & Body Wash

Good Smells All Natural Deodorant

Skin Goals Gentle Cleansing Lotion For Boys

Super Balm Spot Zapper Lip Smoother Bite Buster For Boys

Vinyl Case - Large

Wax Wonder Re-Styleable Pomade

Zodiac Bath Bomb

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