Esprit de Tea


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What better way to take her teatime up a notch than with this basket of elegant and delicious delights. We start with the bold presence of the Grosche French press, designed to provide the best tea and coffee experience imaginable. Add Oliver Pluff’s classic Earl Grey loose leaf tea and use the cardboard book tea accessories (teabag tongs, stir spoon, honey dipper) to serve with style. Sweeten with honey straws and the charming teapot-shaped, molded sugars made in France. Drape her in the luxurious softness of a Kinross cashmere scarf and take tea to go in the ceramic and silicone-wrap mug with BPA-free lid. All tucked into a display-worthy Olli Ella basket.

(Shortbread no longer available and pricing has been adjusted to reflect this change.)

Cardboard Book Set - Tea Accessories


Mosey Basket

Oxford Classic French Press

Porter Portable Ceramic 16oz. Mug

Kinross Cashmere Spray Scarf

Sugar Teapots Amber

Fine Loose Tea Tin

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