Arrival of the Fittest


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Settle into a power hour with these workout wonders. Mind, Body & Spirit balancing spray sets the stage for wellness. SweatWELLth favorites No Sweat Hydrating Spray minimizes moisture loss and Friction Free Anti-Chafing Spray minimizes blisters for hard-core fitness fans, while the Power Shower Cleansing Spray requires no water at all. Wow. Also nested inside a versatile felt bin are wearable 1-lb. resistance weights for wrists and ankles and set of 5 resistance bands.

Bala Bangles 1 Lb. Weights

Mind/Body/Spirit Balancing Spray

Cooling Towel Black Dot Print

Felt Storage Bin

Friction Free Workout Anti-Chafing Spray

Motivational Resistance Bands - Set of 5

No Sweat Pre-Workout Hydrating Spray

Power Shower Post Workout Cleansing Spray

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